Route 202 Accidents and Safety on TV

Here is a link to the news story run by channel 6 on the increase in accidents and the dangers of not wearing seat belts and driving distracted. The interview is the one referred to by Jason Cole in his article.

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3 Responses to Route 202 Accidents and Safety on TV

  1. Glen Stadig says:

    Jason, great job trying to get the word out….now if only people will listen.

  2. striveforchange says:

    My husband and I were coming across the bridge from Milton into Lebanon, and as we were going up the hill a 3 wheeler with a trailer attached was coming down. This kid was messing with us and weaving like he was going to hit us head on. It is just awful how people have little regard for one another on the roads.

    But Glen is right, great job Jason.

  3. Country Gal says:

    This is a very dangerous road as is River Road where two kids were killed within a 1/4 mile of each other and several other roads in town where there are crosses up.

    I agree with Strive, people have no regard for others at times.

    Look at the motorcycle driver in this video clip – what a perfect example of why police could help!

    Thank you to Jason, Samantha and the rescue squad for trying to get out the word and save lives, we appreciate it!

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